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Fort Worth senior 1 of 10 worldwide to ace AP computer science test

Miguel Padilla wants to attends the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Miguel Padilla wants to attends the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Getty Images/iStockphoto

Fort Worth student Miguel Padilla can now say he’s in an elite group of brains.

Out of 58,100 students who took the Advanced Placement Computer Science test, the senior at the Harmony School of Innovation is one of only 10 worldwide who got a perfect score. The advanced placement tests give students opportunities to get college credit if they score high enough.

After his testing success, the senior said he wants to inspire others within the Latino community.

"It shows others within the community that people are capable of something more and should aspire to do more," Padilla told NBC News.

As a token of appreciation to his AP Computer Science teacher Angelica Garcia, he gave her a framed copy of a letter notifying him of his score.

“I couldn’t let you down, not even one point,” Padilla wrote, according to NBCDFW.

His school wrote on Facebook that the senior likes to code at home for fun.

"He is not only a very bright student, very talented, hard-working and dedicated, he has a big heart that distinguishes him from others," Garcia told NBC News. "He wants to help everyone like his classmates. He is always willing to help others with a big smile on his face, and he is humble with his abilities."

NBC News reports he wants to attend the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and eventually work in artificial intelligence and machine learning.