Fort Worth

Two pit bulls kill poodle in Fort Worth: police

Two pit bulls described as “very aggressive” attacked and killed a poodle as their owner was walking his dogs Tuesday morning in the 500 block of Stone Crossing Lane, according to a police report.

Police were dispatched at about 5:30 a.m. after receiving a call from neighbor Dementria Goode, who said she heard screams outside her bedroom window.

Goode said a man who lives around the corner was screaming for the dogs to get away. She said he was walking his two leashed dogs when the two pit bulls “came out of nowhere” and attacked and killed one of his dogs, a poodle named Winston.

Goode and her husband went outside to help.

“Let go of the leash, let him go,” they shouted, because the dog was already dead and they feared that the attacking dogs would go after his other dog, or them.

After Goode’s neighbor let go, they all went inside and waited for police as the pit bulls stayed in the front yard. The man’s other dog, a schnauzer, was unharmed.

“We don’t know who the dogs belong to,” Goode said. “They didn’t appear to have collars on.”

Goode said animal control captured one of the dogs. Her husband and son helped authorities search for the other but it could not be located, she said.

Children at a nearby bus stop were warned by Goode’s son to be vigilant.

Susan McFarland: 817-390-7984, @susanmcfarland1