Watch fried stuff fly in a food fight between customers and vendors at the State Fair

Usually, the fuss over the food at the State Fair of Texas has to do with new marvels of deep-frying wizardry.

But when Dallas-born Houston resident Phyllip Christopher Stoker showed up for the last day of the fair on Sunday, he was greeted by an unexplained food fight — vendors vs. patrons.

In the video he recorded, the vendors have a decided advantage, with most of the ammo on their side of the concession stands. But fairgoers put up an admirable, expletive-filled fight of their own.

“I had literally just walked in, first thing I see,” Stoker said via Facebook Messenger. “I’ve heard an employee splashed a drink on a fairgoer ... I’m not sure, though.”

The video he posted the same night to Facebook has gone viral, with more than 1,000 comments and nearly 2,500 shares. Commenters say they regret missing out on the free food, or that that’s what they’d do if told the vendor had run out of fried banana pudding.

Dallas police were asked several times whether they responded, but they did not reply.

Stoker said he saw a police response but doesn’t know what happened.

“I walked past those guys,” he said. “There were like five cops moving swiftly through the crowd, headed that way.”

As for Stoker, he got out of there before he could get any Cotton Candy Taco on his clothes.

“I didn’t ask any questions,” he said. “I actually walked off as it was still going on. I walked off right when this video ended.”

Stephen English: 817-390-7330, @sbenglish74