As flames devour home, video shows Texas cop charging in to rescue family of seven

Seagoville, Texas, Police Officer Sam Click was patrolling early Thursday morning when a bright light filled the windshield of his cruiser.

The front end of a duplex in the 700 block of Casa Grande Drive was “engulfed in fire,” according to a news release.

Btu Click’s bodycam tells the story better than that account.

“It’s fully engulfed,” Click tells a dispatcher as he calls for the fire department. “There are people inside. I need help.”

But he didn’t have time to wait for that help. As he runs up to the duplex unit, smoke can be seen pouring through a front entryway while the flames rise above the tress in the yard.

Seagoville Police Officer Sam Click KTT Video screenshot

“The fire department, they were minutes away, and I don’t think we had minutes,” Click told KXAS.

So Click and a neighbor, the brother-in-law of the man sleeping inside the burning duplex, rushed around the house, searching for a safe way inside, the station reported.

“Standing there and doing nothing is not an option,” Click told KTVT. “I was just in the right place at the right time.”

Click can be seen in the video breaking the glass of the home’s back door while he and Jeremy Giblaint yell for the six boys and their father to run outside, as the house is being devoured by flames.

Once he breaks in, and gets the door open, Click runs from room to room, first waking up a father and son, then two more boys, then two more. He picked up the youngest boys, while those who could walk walked out of the home unscathed.

Six boys, ranging from 6 months to 10 years old, followed Click and their uncle out of the home before the fire took out most of the unit.

“From the heroic action so these neighbors and Officer Sam Click, all residents were safely removed from the duplex with no significant injuries reported,” the press release stated.

But for the family, Click’s quick action means more than that.

“This just creates a whole new level of respect and thankfulness for what [police] do,” Giblaint told KDFW.