Irving PD investigating domestic double murder-suicide

A man in Irving is believed to have killed his estranged wife and her male acquaintance before turning the gun on himself Wednesday.

Police responded to the reported shooting about noon in the 3800 block of Rainier Street, near Irving Mall, and found the three deceased people in a bedroom, said Detective James McLellan.

Police believe the suspected shooter drove to the neighborhood, parked his work van down the street and went inside. McLellan said investigators are unsure if the man intended to kill them or if an argument escalated to the shooting.

Their identities haven’t been released.

Two 16-year-old kids and another adult were inside the home at the time, McLellan said.

Police haven’t confirmed the relationship between the male acquaintance and the wife who were killed, or the status of the relationship between the estranged husband and wife, or the deceased’s relationship with the three other people who were in the home.

Check back for updates.

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