Grapevine narcotics officer suspended, accused of stealing drugs

A veteran Grapevine K-9 officer accused of stealing a case of training drugs and ingesting some of the illegal substances remained on administrative leave Tuesday.

Grapevine police identified the officer as Senior Officer Danny Macchio, who has been on the force for 17 years. Internal and criminal investigations are underway.

“The criminal investigation involves a possession of a controlled substance charge,” said Grapevine police Sgt. Robert Eberling on Tuesday. “Additional charges could be filed in the case.”

Macchio reported Oct. 7 to Fort Worth police that his Grapevine city-owned patrol/K-9 vehicle was broken into at his home in Fort Worth. He reported that a case of training narcotics, including heroin, cocaine, methamphetamine and ecstasy, was stolen, along with a personal handgun.

“The drugs are used by the officer during training sessions with his K-9,” Eberling said.

An internal investigation began Oct. 17, after Grapevine police suspected Macchio mishandled the training narcotics and the theft report.

Macchio went missing the day after he was required to submit a urinalysis as part of the internal investigation Oct. 20. A family member reported him missing.

He was located in Dumas in the Panhandle and brought home by Grapevine police, Eberling said in a Tuesday news release.

Shortly afterward, Macchio confessed to Grapevine police that his vehicle had not been burglarized and that he had taken the drugs and ingested some of them.

Grapevine police on Tuesday were still investigating which drugs he took.

Macchio surrendered the missing case of drugs and the weapon he had reported stolen.

He was placed on administrative leave Oct. 24.

Macchio has been in the K-9 unit since December 2002. He and the department’s dog, Ranger, have arrested dozens of drug suspects and been in many K-9/drug competitions, officials said.