Convicted rapist sentenced to 50 years for Pantego attack

A 56-year-old Arlington man who blamed a 2004 rape of a teen in Pantego on his drug use has been sentenced to 50 years in prison.

Visiting Judge Charles Bleil sentenced Charles Anthony Green late Friday in a Fort Worth courtroom after hearing from Green, who testified that he had been clean for three years and had accepted Jesus Christ into his life.

But prosecutors told Bleil that part of accepting Christ is taking responsibility and that Green has never taken responsibility for the rape.

Green, who was convicted in April by a Tarrant County jury of aggravated sexual assault, must serve half the sentence before he is eligible for parole.

Green had eluded investigators in the case, but a DNA profile matched his in 2012 and he was later charged and indicted in the violent Pantego rape.

Investigators determined that Green had lived in Arlington for years blocks away from the victim.

“After committing a crime that every woman agrees would be her worst nightmare, this defendant walked the same streets as his victim for 10 years,” said Tarrant County Assistant District Attorney Kim D’Avigon, prosecuted the case with Christy Jack. “Now, thanks to DNA, the hard work of the Pantego Police Department, and this judge’s sentence, he will never walk the streets again.”

During his sentencing hearing Friday, prosecutors introduced evidence that Green had committed other sex offenses, admitting on a questionnaire that he had molested a child.

Tests administered by sex offender treatment officials indicated that Green is dangerous, unaccountable for his behavior and has deviant sexual responses to scenarios depicting forceful, angry or sadistic rapes of teenagers.

In the Pantego case, the victim, who was 19, was leaving a Pantego auto parts store in the 2200 block of West Pioneer Parkway the afternoon of Feb. 12, 2004. when a stranger grabbed her from behind, forced her into a car, shoved a gun to her side and got behind the wheel.

The woman offered the man her purse, but he said he “just wanted a ride.” As they drove around, he asked her for personal information and requested her driver’s license.

At one point, the man — later identified as Green — put a wool cap over her head and raped her at gunpoint.

Green drove to east Fort Worth, got out of the vehicle and told the girl, “Don’t let this affect you.”

She drove to an Arlington hospital where evidence was collected.

In tearful testimony last week, the victim, now 30, testified that the attack has haunted her every day.