Fort Worth man gets life for fatally stabbing his ex-girlfriend’s mother

A Fort Worth man who ambushed two women and stabbed one to death will spend the rest of his life in prison.

Samuel Velez, 36, was convicted by a Tarrant County jury on Wednesday and because the death penalty was waived by Tarrant County prosecutors Mark Thielman and Brock Groom, Velez received an automatic sentence of life without parole.

Velez broke into his ex-girlfriend’s trailer in the 6200 block of Lt. J.G. Barnett Road on the west side near Naval Air Station Fort Worth where she lived with her parents, on Aug. 6, 2012. After Velez broke in he saw that no one was home, according to the Tarrant County district attorney.

Velez repaired the door he kicked in and stashed knives around the residence and then waited for hours until his ex-girlfriend, Yudith Pina, and her mother, Ana Gomez, returned home, a news release from the DA said. Velez repeatedly stabbed Pina and Gomez with a knife with a 7 1/2-inch blade, the release said.

Velez stabbed Pina in the arms, chest, back and head, and then bent down and kissed her on the lips, the release said. According to the release, Velez stabbed Gomez 16 times before she died.

While he was washing up in the back bathroom, Pina escaped the trailer and Velez started chasing her, the release said. Velez fled when Pina started screaming for help. Pina collapsed in a driveway across the street and neighbors called 911, the release said.

Velez ran to his car that was parked nearby, changed clothes, and then drove to a convenience store to buy cigarettes, the release said. Velez was arrested about six hours later outside his apartment in the 2200 block of East Berry Street, and he confessed a short time after his arrest, the release said.