Police: Frisco mother admitted killing son, age 10

The mother of a 10-year-old boy in Frisco indicated with a nod of her head to police that she killed the child, but a motive was undetermined late Thursday, officials said.

The mother, Pallavi Dhawan, 38, has been in custody since Wednesday night. She was in the Frisco City Jail Thursday, charged with murder. Bail was set at $50,000.

Officers found Arnav Dhawan in a bathtub at his Frisco home Wednesday evening, Frisco police said Thursday.

The exact cause of death, however, and a motive for the killing, were undetermined Thursday, police said.

“She admitted to officers on the scene that she killed him,” Sgt. Brad Merritt, police spokesman, said Thursday evening. “We couldn’t come out and say that this morning, because we had to let the case run its course.

“This afternoon, we were confident to charge her with murder.”

Police on Wednesday were summoned to the family’s home in the 1500 block of Mountain View Lane, according to the latest news releases.

The boy’s father, Sumeet Dhawan, had called police to say he returned home earlier Wednesday after being out of town for about three weeks. He was worried about his son, police said.

“Mr. Dhawan learned through email that his child had not attended school for the last several days,” the release stated.

The man told police that his wife left the home after he arrived and had been gone for a couple of hours.

While officers were meeting with the man, his wife returned and asked to speak to her husband privately.

Officers allowed them to speak, but during the conversation, they saw the man become “notably upset,” according to the release.

“Officers asked Mrs. Dhawan if she killed the child,” the release stated, “and Mrs. Dhawan nodded her head ‘yes.’ ”

The officers forced entry into a bathroom and found the boy in the tub. A cloth was wrapped around his neck.

“Plastic bags were also found in the bathtub around him as well,” the news release stated.

Staff writer Bill Miller contributed to this report.