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Restaurant owner to take on fitness, clean-eating challenge for 60 days

Local trainer Shar Courtney, left, and Fish Creek restaurant owner Joe Lane have combined to offer clean eating items.
Local trainer Shar Courtney, left, and Fish Creek restaurant owner Joe Lane have combined to offer clean eating items. Weatherford Star-Telegram

There is an old adage that says, “Never trust a skinny chef.”

Fish Creek owner Joe Lane may not be considered overweight or out of shape to most but to himself, he feels as if he can be in better shape.

“Two thousand fourteen was a hard personal year for me and I just realized I wanted 2015 to be as good as year as it could be,” the 35-year-old Lane said. “I have a beautiful baby girl and I want to be the best father I can be for her.”

Thinking about what he could do, Lane said he was inspired by Jared Fogle - who lost weight eating Subway twice a day - and contacted friend and local trainer Shar Courtney to see if she had any ideas. That is when the two hatched the idea of offering a clean eating menu at the restaurant.

“The timing was good and it’s just a variation of things we already serve,” Lane explained. “You don’t lose the flavor at all.”

There are three plates being offered as specials: shrimp, grilled chicken, asparagus, squash, zucchini, sliced asparagus and a chimmichurri sauce; a steak filet with chipotle potatoes and asparagus; and tilapia with asparagus served over squash and zucchini.

“It tastes so good, it doesn’t feel like you’re eating healthy,” Courtney said. “It almost feels like you’re cheating [on a diet].”

The plates are listed on the menu as specialty items but Lane said any menu item can be ordered “clean,” meaning that no butter or oils are used in the preparation.

In addition to eating better, Lane is working out with Courtney at her Weatherford facility, The Workout Company, and will be posting his results weekly on social media sites and personal pages on Fridays for the next 60 days.

“I love a challenge,” Lane said. “I’m goal-oriented so something like this is right up my alley.”

To help promote the menu and to raise awareness for what he is doing, Lane is offering a 10 percent discount to anyone who dines at the restaurant and mentions either The Workout Company or Shar Courtney. Any menu item, including alcohol, is eligible for the discount but the offer ends Feb. 18.

Fish Creek snags prime steaks for the menu

No telling what you’ll reel out of Fish Creek these days.

The striving seafood restaurant near the Trinity River bridge in Willow Park has added both prime steaks and wood-fired artisan pizzas to its seafood menu.

From its start as a catfish restaurant, Fish Creek is becoming an all-occasion restaurant for the growing Aledo area between Fort Worth and Weatherford.

“We’ve always tried to do what people want out here, and they wanted steaks and more choices so they don’t have to go into the city,” Lane said.

The restaurant already had a giant, 700-degree-capability oven from its early days as Santa Fe Grill. Lane converted that and now uses it to finish prime steaks in the manner of a prime steakhouse. The new menu offers prime filet, rib-eye and New York strip steaks with a choice of sauces.

Previously, Fish Creek had added a choice of wood-fired pizzas with premium toppings. They started as a weekend item, but sometimes sold out before Sunday night. Lane also added a crabmeat au gratin dish patterned after one at Ernest’s Orleans restaurant in Shreveport, La.

After two years on a stretch of Interstate 20 known for restaurant turnover, Lane said he has learned that “you don’t come into Aledo and dictate what folks here should want — you listen to what they want.”

Fish Creek is at 4899 E. Interstate 20, at the Ranch House Road exit (stay on the westbound frontage road); 817-441-1746,

- Bud Kennedy