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Timeout with TCA’s basketball coach Kyle Fields

A preseason interview with the head varsity coach of Trinity Christian Academy Eagles Kyle Fields as he gives insight into the upcoming season. Fields, in his 6th season as head coach, has had a very solid run with the Eagles, making the playoffs 5 out of 6 times in the past 6 seasons.

JF: How have you prepared your players this offseason?

KF: I had regular shooting and workout sessions. The players have worked very hard to adjust their games for the upcoming season. A lot of conditioning and getting their bodies right once the season comes around was a point of emphasis this offseason.

JF: What are your goals for the season?

KF: We have made the playoffs 5 out of the 6 seasons I have been a head coach at TCA and to advance past the second round of playoffs would be a huge accomplishment as I have never done so. Ultimately a state title would be ideal but I want to take each game one at a time and make the playoffs. I also would like to see my players improve each game and come together as a unit.

JF: How has the team progressed in the offseason?

KF: My players have stepped up and are beginning to take on bigger roles. The season is still very early and there are things to work on but they are making strides to becoming a solid team. It has been a fun process watching them develop their skills and worth ethic with each practice.

JF: How have you improved as a coach over the years?

KF: I have learned from my mistakes and have learned to tweak my coaching. I have also learned to admit my faults and have learned how to adjust to the teams I have in the present. Each team I have coached has been different and I have learned how to adjust my coaching style accordingly. Coaching at a smaller school challenges me to be a better coach and always keeps me on my toes as to how I can make them better and get the most potential out of each player.

JF: What is your pre/post game routine?

KF: I encourage my players to get to the games early so they can come and support the girls’ varsity because I feel like it brings about school spirit. During halftime my players get shots up and focus on the upcoming game. After the half the players usually stretch, listen to music and prepare themselves for the game. After they are finished preparing for the game I will come in and get them prepared for the game and go over what the game plan is. After a game I try to keep it short whether it is a win or loss. I say what needs to be said in the shortest manner possible and address the issues the next day in practice more in depth.


JF: How do you plan on keeping your players motivated throughout the season?

KF: It is a long season and games can be tiring, frustrating, successful, and fun. In wins and losses which happen in basketball, I tell them frequently and often to enjoy this time in their life because you only have 4 years to play varsity sports. I tell them to enjoy every moment because it goes by fast and once it is over it is over for most and most will never play at the next level. I also like to find the positives in each player and not rag on them whether it be a win or a loss, keeping a positive morale is must.

JF: Who has been a role model for you as a coach?

KF: My high school coach had a big impact on me. He treated me as if I was one of his own kids and was always there for me. He not only taught me the game of basketball but about life and how to act accordingly despite any troubles that were going on in my life. My coach taught me that with the right attitude, you can make things work. It has been one of the biggest blessing s in my life.

JF: Tell me what it has been like as a coach for you at TCA?

KF: It has been a huge blessing for me. I got the job right out of college and it was a huge achievement for me. It has been a dream of mine to coach varsity basketball. The basketball guys are my favorite guys on campus and being able to not only coach them but have them in the classroom has been a unique experience and blessing to me. It has been a fun 6 years and I would not trade these guys for anything, it has been a dream come true for me to have such an opportunity to lead such an exceptional group of young men.

JF: What can TCA fans/parents look forward to this season?

KF: Lots of defense and hustle plays. Defense will be a point of emphasis and will help us win games this year. Team basketball will be on display this season and lots of transition buckets will be scored. The fans will not be disappointed with our effort night in and night out.