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Coyote baseball team makes community service a priority

Weatherford College Head Baseball Coach Jeff Lightfoot is always on the lookout for the best young men he can find for his team. And that means what they can do on and off the field.

Lightfoot has made it a priority to have his teams involved in community service over the years. From reading at local schools to helping youngsters have a safe Halloween, the Coyote baseball team is a common sight around the community.

"We look for opportunities as they arise," said Lightfoot. "The reading program and Safe Halloween are things that we have participated in since day one in our program. The other things are opportunities that we are invited to or things I may hear about at church or in the community."

Lightfoot and his teams never miss an opportunity to help. Other events include ringing the bell to raise funds for the Salvation Army at Christmas, participating in the annual Walk to Cure Alzheimer’s, Special Olympics, visiting the Senior Center and raising money for Grace House.

"Weatherford College is all about giving back and service to the community," said Lightfoot. "Our athletic programs are one of the best ways to make that connection between our community and WC.

"It also has a lasting impact on the athletes. One of the core beliefs of our baseball program is that we want to build strong men here - good fathers, husbands and members of society. There is no better way to do that than to serve."

There is also a benefit on the field for the Coyotes.

"From a baseball standpoint, we want people out at the ballpark to support our athletes," said Lightfoot. "We want and need a home field advantage. One of the ways that we get people out to Williams Ballpark is to get out in the community and invite them out to our games. When they see our guys out there giving back, it's something our community wants to be a part of.

"It’s been said that WC stands for ‘We Care,’ and the Coyote baseball players and staff truly embrace that motto - we do care about the people and causes in our area, and we look forward to being blessed by the opportunity to serve."

And while the projects have kept the players busy through the years, Lightfoot is always on the lookout for more opportunities.

"If anyone has a need or a cause that may be a fit for our athletic programs, feel free to reach out to me and we will see if we can help—email me at"