Weatherford Opinion

Letters to the editor

Dear Editor:

A big tip of the hat from the Parker County Sheriff’s Posse to our fans and supporters from Weatherford and Parker County and surrounding areas.

We set new records for attendance each and every event as well as hosting a most successful junior livestock show and sale! The heritage and history of the western way of life is alive and well in Parker County!

Plan now for our 2017 edition which will be held the second week of June! We will be celebrating our 70th anniversary and you can count on an even bigger and better Parker County Frontier Days celebration!

And, special thanks to Captain Larry Sullivan, Rodeo Chairman Joe Harris and an outstanding group of posse members that made this year’s event a huge success!

Bob Glenn, Publicity Chairman

Dear Editor:

In response to the letter in the June 15th edition of your paper from Republican Chair, Zan Prince, I must disagree with her belief that the government should be a "last resort safety net" for "our neighbors in need." Not all individuals (me, for one), not all families, not all church families, and not all communities have the financial means to donate much in funds. My retired husband/pastor was charged with mostly small not-too-wealthy congregations. Most of their help to others was in "hands-on" form and not a lot of cash. But they gave all they could the way they were most able to. I’m sure that there are some churches quite capable of donating large amounts of funds, but certainly not all.

I commend Ms. Prince, her employees, and family for their financial and community generosity. Some of us, though, live on a fixed comfortable-enough income, but don’t have much extra. I surely don’t want to be one of the "neighbors in need;" I do want to help them in whatever way I can, but financially is not that way for me.

Ms. Prince requested more dialogue, more citizens’ input…whether that input agrees with her or not. If, as she says, my opinion matters, then my opinion is that Parker County tax dollars must continue funding the many non-profits that are needed to make our neighbors in need "whole."


Judy B. Beeman