Weatherford Opinion

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

The members and Officers of the Weatherford Aero Modelers Society (WAMS) would like to thank the City of Weatherford Parks and Recreation Department for their assistance and cooperation before and during our WAMS Spring Float Fly event at Sunshine Lake in Cartwright Park. We had pilots show up from not only Weatherford, but also from Hurst, North Richland Hills, Arlington, Euless, Grapevine and Bedford.

Float planes ranged in size from a 2 foot wingspan “Coot” to a Monster 8 foot twin-engined WWII PBM. The polite, controlled, yet eager inquisitiveness of the kids who were watching was gratifying and very appreciated, as were the parents who brought them out.

We also thank the Weatherford Star-Telegram for the exposure in the June 1st edition of the paper, and definitely appreciate the effort Mr. Evans put out in finding us and interviewing the members.

Our website is Our field is approximate 3.8 miles South of I-20 on Tintop road, where, weather permitting, we generally have flying sessions on Sunday afternoons. We do free training and instruction if we know you are coming, and we meet on the first Tuesday of each month at R&K Café in Hudson Oaks at 6:30.

We are a member club of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (

Come out and visit.

Roger W Guinn, CD

AMA 5536


Dear Editor:

In reflection of the recent discussion of the use of tax dollars, it is clear that we need more dialogue, more citizens' input on this issue and probably many others. When I shared my personal opinion of the use of "our tax dollars" with many City and County Elected Officials, it was just that, "my opinion," as a Citizen of Parker County and Conservative Republican. The values of less government and more community involvement are at the heart of my beliefs. The responsibility for our neighbors in need rests with the individual, the family, the church family, and the community, with the government as a last resort safety net.

As a business owner in Parker County, my family and extended employee family not only give of our treasures monthly but of our talent as well, from building a Habitat Home to delivering Meals On Wheels, to Coordinating the Pink Luncheon. Many of us serve on numerous charitable boards and organizations here at home.

I would encourage all citizens to help where they can and give what you can to a variety of charitable organizations here in Parker County.

It's budget time for local entities. With that in mind, whatever city you reside within Parker County, it's up to each of us to make our voices heard.

Parker County employees have thanked me for pointing out that the County is giving to charities while trimming services. One City employee complained that there's fewer law enforcement officers with budget restrictions. In the interest of full disclosure, I've had one city elected official that has shared that the charities don't get state tax money if they don't get local money which puts pressure to give on our local officials.

Whether you agree with me or anybody else, your opinion matters, and those elected officials represent you. Most elected officials want to hear from you. Grassroots activism is appropriate for both candidates and issues.

Zan Prince,

Parker County Republican Party