Weatherford Opinion

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Whether you have school-age children, grandchildren, and/or great-grandchildren, or none of the aforementioned, as a Texan, you should be very concerned by how the Texas State Board of Education handles choosing textbooks for our children. The SBOE has tentatively approved several changes in its textbook adoption process. This move was prompted by a Houston-area mom who was outraged that African slaves were defined as "workers" in a 9th grade textbook.

Even with such inaccuracies, the SBOE narrowly rejected a proposal to create an expert panel for the sole purpose of identifying errors in textbooks. Reasons for rejection ranged from sending a signal that the current textbook adoption process isn’t sound (duh!), and that adding experts to "fact check" would add s layer of bureaucracy to the process. A part of the rejected amendment would have created "philosophical differences" between the board and professors who review proposed textbooks. So, let’s just keep dumbing down our kids with misinformation and pretending that philosophical differences between a professor and a bigoted biased bunch of people doesn’t warrant investigation.


Judy B. Beeman