Weatherford Opinion

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Results of the 2014 election have been canvassed, and it is time to say “THANK YOU” to our Parker County Elections Administrator Don Markum and his staff. The elections process happens long before and after Election Day. They coordinated locations, workers, ballots and contracts with municipalities that had issues on the ballot, and they did it with a commitment to Parker County voters that their election would be fair and courteous. Each election process has checks and balances to make sure that the canvassed results are the actual votes cast by Parker County voters.

In addition to the Elections Staff, Parker County had hundreds of citizens that served on the Ballot Board, as judges and as clerks. The Ballot Board had almost 2,000 mail and provisional ballots that had to be reviewed. Through the process, a Republican and a Democrat sat side-by-side to deal with each ballot to make sure that the process was accurate. Republicans and Democrats worked side-by-side in early voting and at each of the 44 neighborhood precincts on Election Day.

The process doesn’t work without a lot of effort from a lot of folks. Once again, thank you to each of the people that worked the election, and thank you to every voter that cast a vote! Because of you, the individuals on the ballot that most closely represent Parker County’s conservative values are serving our county!

Zan Prince


Dear Editor,

Campaigns are hard work, and I just want to thank all of our Republican volunteers. The Parker County Republican Party Headquarters was staffed by grassroots activists who were committed to providing information and supplies to Parker County citizens. We helped people with yard signs and bumper stickers, and we provided them with information on where and when to vote.

Our Parker County Elections Administrator, Don Markum, and his staff were a great support through the process. They were always available to help check on a precinct location or a voter’s status. They helped us connect voters to the right Election Day polling place. Elections are hard work, and I appreciate the courtesy that they showed to our volunteers as they assisted voters.

Thank you to each of the people who worked headquarters, and thank you Parker County voters! We had a GREAT election because of the hard work of many and because you chose to vote Parker County conservative values!

Carolyn Estes