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Chairman to speak at PCRW Nov. 13

The Parker County Republican Women are “proud and honored” to welcome Steve Munisteri, the Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, as their guest speaker at their Nov. 13 luncheon meeting. The meeting will be at the Doss Heritage and Culture Center. Lunch is $15 and will begin serving at 11:30 a.m. Reservations can be made at, or by calling 817-443-3870.

Munisteri was elected Chairman of the Republican Party of Texas on June 13, 2010 at the Republican State Convention in Fort Worth. He defeated the incumbent State Chairman Cathie Adams.

Upon his election, Munisteri initially focused on the party’s financial difficulties. He inherited liabilities in excess of $700,000 and the party’s liabilities exceeded the party’s assets by hundreds of thousands of dollars, a release said. Munisteri then initiated a series of structural and financial reforms, including the elimination of some positions, renegotiating contracts, restructuring the party’s debt, and budget cuts which resulted in reducing its monthly obligations from approximately $139,000 per month to a little over $90,000. These financial reforms, combined with aggressive fundraising and establishing a “Debt Busters Committee” to retire the party’s past debts, resulted in the paying off all liabilities to zero by the end of November 2010.

The party’s improved financial condition allowed the RPT to be a major player in the 2010 and 2012 elections. In 2010, the party undertook a “Texas Truth Tour” around the state in support of key representatives and candidates in competitive races, maintained numerous websites on Democratic candidates, and organized a large volunteer force called the Texas Trailblazers. This included, among other things, organizing three weekends of statewide block walk operations. This resulted in the Republican Party electing 500 more office holders in 2010 compared to 2008. Moreover, 75 additional office holders switched party in 2010 for a net gain of 575 between the 2008 and 2010 election cycles. In 2012, the State Party exclusively ran the Victory operations for the first time in years, resulting in the party making 2.6 million calls and sending out over 3 million pieces of mail. The party also gave away hundreds of thousands of dollars in direct contributions to candidates for the first time in many years. All totaled the State Party spent $2.2 million on its election efforts in 2012. This resulted in the election of a record number of Republicans in 2012 as well. Republicans held 220 more offices at the end of 2012 then they did prior to 2012, and have added an additional 33 since November as a result of party switchers. Today there are currently 867 more Republicans in elected office than at the end of the elections in 2008. This bring us to a total of 3,262 Republican officeholders across the state.

During his terms as Chairman, Munisteri has also adopted a policy of complete transparency as opposed to prior administrations where a significant portion of SREC meetings were held in executive session. Through the first three years of Munisteri’s chairmanship the SREC has not gone into executive session once. In addition, party leaders and activists are also provided regular monthly updates and financial information.

Since his election, Munisteri has added a full time Youth Director, Outreach Director and Political Director. The party has also initiated an aggressive outreach program to the Hispanic, African American and Asian American communities which has resulted in a significant increase in the number of minority delegates to the state convention, a significant increase in the number of minority members of the SREC, and an increase in the number of minority Republican elected officials statewide. In 2012 the number of Hispanic Republican elected officials statewide increased from 58 to 78.

In June 2013, Munisteri announced a partnership with the RNC to establish Victory Centers that will operate on a year-round basis and that the party would be hiring significant number of new field staff for these offices, including staffers assigned specifically to outreach to the Hispanic, African American, and Asian American communities.

Munisteri grew up in Houston, where he attended public school from elementary school through his graduation from Memorial High School. He then obtained a BBA in Finance with Honors from the University of Texas in 1979 before going off to earn a Juris Doctorate of Law from the University of Texas Law School in 1981.

Munisteri currently works full-time as a volunteer Chairman for the Republican Party of Texas.

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