Weatherford Opinion

Vote Suchocki for JP Precinct 4, Hardy for state board

Dear Editor,

Bernard Suchocki is running for Justice of the Peace, Precinct 4 in the March 4 election. As a friend and neighbor for 17 years, I have seen his commitment to giving back to his community. Bernard is currently finishing out his term on our Willow Park council, where he has volunteered countless hours in studying the issues and trying to better our community. As an experienced trial lawyer since, Bernard has been able to bring his knowledge of law to the city council to help resolve numerous contract issues and is a strong advocate for fiscal responsibility. Through the past many years, he has also been involved in other areas of public service as a member of the board of directors of the fire department and as a commissioner of the planning and zoning committee.

For over 20 years, Bernard has been giving educational presentations to our local students about space explorations and his experience with NASA as a member of the Apollo 13 mission operations team.

I strongly believe Bernard Suchocki will work as hard as Precinct 4 Justice of the Peace as he has as a member of the Willow Park City Council. Bernard stands behind the people he is serving and goes above and beyond his duties required. I strongly encourage you to support Bernard Suchocki by voting for him in the March 4 election and early voting that runs from through Feb. 28.

Rosemary Barron

Willow Park

Dear Editor,

Please join me in voting for Bernard R. Suchocki who is running for Justice of Peace, Precinct 4. We have known Mr. Suchocki since we moved to Willow Park in 1984, wherein our sons attended Aledo ISD together, affording us a close-up view of Mr. Suchocki for many years while attending events in the district. Over time, we have seen firsthand Mr. Suchocki volunteering his time and talent for no personal gain.

We were truly delighted when Mr. Suchocki decided to run for Willow Park City Council two years ago. The main campaign promise of his platform was to be accountable to the citizens. I can honestly say that he has kept that promise, unlike others who promise and don’t deliver. He is a man of honesty and integrity. He is ending his term as a City Council member in May 2014 and is winding down his law practice. He will not have any other businesses to distract him or take time away from being the Justice of the Peace when he takes office in January 2015. Unlike many politicians, he did not switch parties to run for office. He is a life-long conservative Republican.

We believe that being a trial attorney for 32 years, board certified in personal injury trial law and a former NASA engineer for 14 years, lends him the much-needed experience for the Justice of Peace, Precinct 4 office. He also was a member of the Apollo 13 mission operations team.

It’s time for a change. Look for the second name on the ballot: Bernard R. Suchocki.

Gary & Cheryl Cooper

Willow Park

Dear Editor,

I have known and worked with Bernard R. Suchocki for the last three years. We have campaigned and serviced on city council together and I can truly say that Banard is an amazing person. I see that many of the skills have been learned while working for NASA on the Apollo Program and on space shuttle software. He understands how to manage a project by beginning with an iterative plan, defining tasks, assigning action items with target completion dates, providing monthly update regarding progress and producing documentation that tracks the development.

Among his many contributions to the city, he has developed a set of Guidelines of Best Practices to insure that contracts are properly handled by sitting out procedures for review, modification and approval and also by providing an index containing suggestive language to protect the city from litigation. In addition, his guidelines contain best practices for requesting and posting agenda items, generating Request for Proposals/Qualifications and such suggestions for writing more important formative minutes. He is also produced a 27 page typed and color-coded written analysis of recent request for proposal with suggestions to protect the city from litigation.

I could go on and on, but I will get to the bottom line and that is Bernard is highly productive and extremely detailed. He constantly strives for perfection.

I know that Bernard has had his sights and heart on being a judge, but ran for city council at the specific request of several interested persons. I have no doubt that Bernard will be a full-time judge and that he will organize the Justice of the Peace office and make it highly productive. I know that his ruling will be honest and fair. I am voting for Bernard and I urge everyone to do so.

Dan Stalling

Willow Park

Dear Editor,

This is a letter to those people who have no clue about whom to vote for in the GOP primary for the Board of Education. Incumbent Pat Hardy is by far the most credible candidate running. She has a solid background on educational issues, as well as a good head on her shoulders, and can make decisions that will ensure improvement in our Texas education system.

As a retired teacher and past curriculum coordinator at Weatherford High School, I can personally say, without any reservations, that Pat Hardy is a tried and true educator who knows what it takes to educate children of all ages and prepare them for an active life as a citizen of our country. She has served in this office for several terms after spending years in the classroom herself. She has been supportive in trying to adapt our tried and true educational principles for the future. She is very mindful of the various technical changes that have entered the learning curve and how very important they are in these times.

It would be a mistake not to support her in her bid to remain in this office. She is an excellent candidate who has the background to support changes in educational policy that will meet the challenges in a changing world. Between adapting new learning experiences without losing sight of the basic elements that our society holds sacred, she is a good choice. I hope you will give her your support in the coming election.

Ann Osborne Saunders