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Granger sounds off after numbers released

Congresswoman Kay Granger, Texas-12, released the following statement after the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) released the initial Affordable Care Act enrollment numbers.

“The announcement...that only 106,185 individuals have enrolled in the health insurance exchanges is not surprising,” Granger said. “The rollout has been botched from day one and news reports have indicated that the health care website was not properly tested and was not ready for use on Oct. 1, even though the Administration repeatedly told Congress and the American people otherwise.

“Sadly, over the last month millions of Americans have been told they cannot keep their health care plan even if they like it, have received letters in the mail that their health care costs will dramatically increase as a result of the new law, and have spent countless hours trying to enroll in an online system that just doesn’t work. President Obama gave his word to the American people and until he can deliver on it, the only responsible course of action is to delay implementation and enforcement of the health care law.”

Since Oct. 1, CMS announced that 106,185 Americans have enrolled. According to the numbers released last week, the figures also include people who have selected a health plan, but may not have actually purchased the plan.