Weatherford Opinion

Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor:

With our Republican Primary fast approaching, I am compelled to write in support of Zan Prince, our hard working County Republican Chair.

Her tireless support in every way of our Republican elected officials is amazing. She is passionate about her God given responsibilities to serve as our chairman ensuring our family of Republicans are informed, supported, and maintaining our Republican values. If you know Zan Prince, you will have a friend for life. She is loyal, truthful, giving and supportive in every way. You can count on Zan Prince as your Republican Chair to do what is right and true and best for the Republican Party.

As a Precinct Chair, I have seen her answer hard questions, face up to every battle put before her with courage and trust in our God and the family of Republicans she has helped elect and serve.

Please stand with me and vote for Zan Prince, our Parker County Republican Chair.

Ellen Woodward,

Republican Precinct Chair 440

Dear Editor:

I am proudly voting for Zan Prince as Parker County Republican Chair. In this role, she is mainly responsible for distributing all party information to various media resources. It is a big undertaking, but she handles this with ease and confidence. As a reminder, this is an un-paid position, so I have even more respect for her selfless efforts.

The number of registered voters in our county has increased, and according to local data, Parker County is about 80% Republican. We need a strong leader like Zan. She has integrity, conviction, and passion. She is also extremely devoted to our community and philanthropic causes, giving generously of her time and resources. Her accomplishments and active civic involvement are too long to list.

Please re-elect my friend Zan Prince for Parker County Republican Chair.


Penny Shelton