Weatherford Opinion

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I pray that each of you had a Very Merry Christmas and are looking forward to an amazing 2018! As the season gets so busy, we sometimes forget that we celebrate because God sent us Jesus and to thank all of those that make a difference in our lives and our community. So, I wanted to stop to thank each and every one of you for making a difference in my life and our community.

Our great country was founded on the principle of self-governance and personal accountability. As we move forward to the March Primary season, I want to encourage all voters to remember that we want people in office that reflect our Republican values, and how they campaign is probably how they’ll conduct themselves in office. We’ve had a year of FAKE NEWS and horrific accusations that have left me believing that ‘some’ news sources, locally and nationally, at the very least should be questioned. We are blessed in Parker County that some of our news is still provided through basic decency and through a community uplifting lens. I encourage all of our candidates to tell you the voter why you should vote for them, rather than attacking their opponent, leaving the voter with no substance. As you "hear and read stuff," please ask for proof. Politicians in our home town need to tell us why them rather than throw mud to make someone else look bad, it does a great disservice to you the voter! I would ask our media to report news rather than provide a forum for character assassination in print or on social media. We need the same honor and integrity in campaigns that we expect when we swear them in to their office. Our friends to the North circulated a similar message that you can access at

Politics/Civility/Civility.pdf. I commend our media partners that work to make our community better, and thank you for caring about the voter and the process across Parker County. You the Voter are encouraged to get to know each candidate, and please join us at the Candidate forum at the Courthouse on the Square in Weatherford on Thursday, February 1st at 7 pm to make sure that the best person serves us in each and every position.

May each of you have a blessed 2018, and happy campaigning!

Zan Prince

Parker County Republican Chair