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Letters to the Editor

Dear Editor,

Apple CEO, Tim Cook, spoke clear meaningful opinions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s commencement on Friday, as reported by the Star-Telegram. A highlight statement of his regarding responsibility of computer users was, "When you keep people at the center of what you do, it can impact," and going on to say, "I’m more concerned about people thinking like computers without values or compassion or concern for the consequences." He advised the graduates, "Don’t listen to trolls, and don’t become one. Measure impact in humanity; not in the "likes", but the lives you touch and the people you serve."

Such important directives to those young people!!! Perhaps our president should adhere to this advice…but don’t hold your breath waiting for that to happen.

Judy B. Beeman,


Dear Editor,

Sometimes I cannot believe that my fellow Americans are not marching down the streets here in Weatherford,Texas about what is happening to our Country. Our Democrats here need to be doing that, if they still call themselves Democrats. Although I may not be able to walk only two or three miles, I still can carry a sign!

The election I lost in, was for Weatherford City Council, which is all Republican, but claims non political.

What the City is doing with water resources, after what happened in Flint Michigan, to it's people is frightening. I spoke at a Public Meeting recently, that we need a Town Hall Meeting in the worst way. Recycling sewer water into drinking water is a serious situation. Although some cities claim it is successful, no one really knows the long term effects, on human and animal life. I learned that treated sewer water will be returned to Lake Weatherford, mixed in and then returned back to the water treatment plant here in Weatherford, and retreated for public distribution.

At the last Weatherford Utility Board meeting I attended, I heard around 2 percent is already being delivered to the public, on Weatherford's north side. My question is, why don't they try it out on the side of town where they live first? The project's cost is around $12,000,000. million dollars. In May, I did no outside watering, not even one petunia, to save water. The water portion of my May bill was $70.

I recently received a Weatherford 2016 Annual Drinking Water Quality Report. It shocked me to read the contaminants we already are consuming in drinking and bathing in. It mentioned bottled water in which many times is disguised as cascading snow stream quality, but is really just tap water, bottled for profit. Also there was no mention in that report about the Water Reclamation Program, which is Weatherford's Recycling Sewer Water program, was already underway here.

I guess they must think the TCEQ (Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, is God)! Their approval of the recycling program, is always mentioned. A member of the Utility Board who lives on Lake Weatherford's shoreline, I warned on the phone about retirement there, and should consider the fish and wildlife at lake Weatherford. I also mentioned retirement would not be to pleasant, if the lake is a dead cesspool.

One last thought, Michigan's Commission on Environmental Quality, was " WRONG." I hope other county, cities and towns research this program before implementing it, and at least inform their citizens first. It also might be important to at least mention "Green Power, Wind and Solar" occasionally. It might help reduce our outrageous utility costs. I just hope "Donald Trump" who is not my President, will get some environmental enlightenment.

Darwin Yeary