Weatherford Opinion

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, in an effort to fight legislation from limiting local government control, a group called Local Control Texas has been formed. Rep. Phil King recently targeted fracking bans saying they threaten something all Texans cherish: private property rights. King’s bottom line is that the local bans on fracking are "big government" in action because environmental groups from D.C., New York and San Francisco poured resources into accomplishing the fracking ban in Denton. In my opinion, environmental groups aren’t "big government."

LCT is fighting to keep local ordinances governing payday loans, smoking in public spaces, housing rules, plastic bags, distracted driving and tree preservation. They ask the legislature to refrain from hindering local governments’ abilities to serve the interest of their residents. And they are getting some support from unlikely people. To name a few: Darren Hodges, Fort Stockton’s tea party mayor; Lanham Lyne, former Republican state rep and mayor from Wichita Fall who runs an oil and gas exploration business; and Karen Darcy, member of North Shore Republican Women, who asked her state rep and senator to fight proposals that threaten local control.

I laud these folks for supporting local governments by opposing what Rep. Phil King and Gov. Greg Abbott are attempting to do.


Judy B. Beeman, Ret.