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Extra police and fire patrol at Weatherford Lake scheduled July 4

Weatherford Star-Telegram

The City of Weatherford Police Department in conjunction with the Weatherford Fire Department will be conducting extra patrol of Weatherford Lake enforcing city ordinances regarding fireworks Sat., July 4.

Each year the Police and Fire Departments answer numerous complaints regarding individuals shooting off fireworks throughout the city. The largest percentage of those complaints and violations are disproportionately found in or around the Weatherford lake area, which is located inside the city limits of Weatherford.

The City Fire Marshal would like to remind area residents and visitors that according to City Ordinance No. 660-2014-05, Section 7-2-1 of the Weatherford Municipal Code and Section 3301.1.3 of the 2009 International Fire Code that: The possession, storage, use, and handling of fireworks within the corporate city limits is prohibited. An offense under this section is a Class C misdemeanor punishable by a fine of up to $500.

Officers with the Weatherford Police Department and the Weatherford Fire Marshal’s Office will be out enforcing the ordinance; citations may be issued to violators and their opened fireworks can be seized. In addition to enforcing the city ordinance on fireworks, extra patrol will also be enforcing boating laws and the Texas Water Safety Act. For more information regarding boating laws, visit

City officials encourage all citizens to partake in the Fourth of July firework show which will take place at Heritage Park in downtown Weatherford Mon., July 4, at 9:30 p.m. following the scheduled concerts at that same location. This is a safe alternative and fantastic way to celebrate Independence Day.

Keep pets safely away from fireworks by securing them in a crate, laundry room or safely contained at home, away from windows and doors. Safeguard pets with a collar/ID tag and do not restrain pets by way of a tether. If pets do go missing due to fireworks, regularly check the animal shelter(s) in your area and be sure to check back multiple times.

Be aware that Parker County has no designated area for the use of fireworks. All fireworks used in unincorporated Parker County must be on private properties and the discharge of fireworks over public roads and highways is strictly prohibited. For more information, please contact fire marshal/division chief WFD Bob Hopkins at