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Sale of drug dealer’s home nets $198,455 for DA, WPD and PCSO

Parker County Sheriff, Larry Fowler and Assistant District Attorney, Jeff Swain, are seen here with the check from the sale of the property.
Parker County Sheriff, Larry Fowler and Assistant District Attorney, Jeff Swain, are seen here with the check from the sale of the property. Photo courtesy

A home seized from a Parker County drug dealer was sold last week and yielded nearly $200,000 for local law enforcement, according to Assistant District Attorney Jeff Swain, who handled the case.

The house, five acres, pool, and pool house were forfeited under Texas’ asset forfeiture law and sold for $225,000. The homeowner, Jimmy Wayne Mack, 41, of Weatherford, was arrested on March 22, 2012. In 2013, he was convicted of conspiracy to distribute and possess with intent to distribute a controlled substance in United States District Court and was sentenced to 20 years in federal prison.

“At his peak, Jimmy Mack was the biggest methamphetamine dealer in Parker County,” Swain said. “He was dealing upwards of a half pound of meth per week.”

During the seizure trial held before Parker County District Judge Craig Towson in 2013, notes found by police at Mack’s home and introduced into evidence documented over $62,000 in meth purchases in a six week period in 2006. They also showed over $17,000 in drug debt owed by 41 separate customers. Notes found from 2012 indicate Mack made $95,000 in methamphetamine sales to 51 different customers. When law enforcement searched Mack’s home in 2012, they located a half pound of methamphetamine.

“In the 21 years that I’ve been a prosecutor, this is the only asset forfeiture case we’ve had where we sold a drug dealer’s home,” Swain said. “It’s rarely used because of the evidence required and the fact that most drug dealers do not own their own homes.”

After the trial, the case was on appeal for nearly three years before the judgment was affirmed by the Eastland Court of Appeals and the home could be sold, Swain said. Since the seizure was initiated by the Parker County Special Crimes Unit, proceeds from the sale will be divided evenly between the Parker County Sheriff’s Office, Weatherford Police Department, and Parker County District Attorney’s Office. On Monday, Swain took checks for $66,151 to the PCSO and WPD.

“These funds will allow us to have additional law enforcement resources without further burdening our county’s taxpayers,” said Parker County Sheriff Larry Fowler. “It was a lengthy process, but, in the end, we had a great result.”

WPD Chief Mike Manning said they would not have reached this result without some great work by the Special Crimes Unit officers, federal law enforcement, and the District Attorney’s Office.

“In the trial, Judge Towson also forfeited a boat and trailer that Weatherford P.D. is going to put into service on Lake Weatherford,” Swain said. “They’re going to use some of the forfeiture funds to get it properly outfitted for law enforcement use and for use by the search and rescue dive team. Several other forfeited items were sold for an additional $9,000 and a few, including a zero turn mower, a cargo trailer, and some electronics, will also be put into use by law enforcement.”