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WC board approves strategic plan

A relatively short meeting of the Weatherford College Board of Trustees Thursday yielded long-lasting results that will impact the college for years to come.

After hearing about the 2016-2021 strategic plan’s progress the past couple of meetings, the board was able to see the final product and approve it.

The plan is the result of constituent surveys, 38 focus groups and the identification of several core issues. It also resulted in the creation of a new mission statement for the college which now reads, "Weatherford College enriches the lives of the students and communities it serves through innovative, affordable, and accessible learning and cultural opportunities."

The core issues identified by the plan were new programs and courses; teaching and learning; student engagement; community services; technology; campus climate; and administrative processes. The six key strategic goals to address those issues are:

▪ Through an academic master plan and support unit annual improvement plans, WC will promote student success and excellence in teaching and learning.

▪ WC will implement a facilities master plan to guide decisions about multiple physical plant needs.

▪ WC will enhance student engagement, leading to persistence and success, by conducting feasibility studies for implementing and/or providing access to services in multiple areas.

▪ WC will periodically review, expand and improve technology on all campuses to address multiple needs.

▪ WC will serve the communities in its service area through off-campus instructional centers, expanded community partnerships and programs and enhanced internal and external communication throughout all instructional sites.

▪ WC will implement administrative processes that promote employee advancement, professional development, appropriate and equitable compensation, and sufficient inter-departmental communications.

To view the complete plan, which includes comments from the surveys and plan goals, visit

Also at the meeting, trustees heard more about the 2016-17 budget as it gets closer to being presented for approval later this year. Andra Cantrell, vice president of financial and administrative affairs, said she was waiting for final Parker County property tax numbers but that she expected it should stay near her projections so there shouldn’t be much change coming. Additionally in that discussion, Cantrell brought up the Wise County, Mineral Wells and Granbury campuses. Due to the varied ways those areas are funded, board chairman Frank Martin requested recommendations regarding what to do with those campuses in the budget be brought to the budget.

In his president’s report, Dr. Kevin Eaton reported an increase in Summer I contact hours of nearly 15 percent from last year and also said that 56.4 percent of those enrollments are online students.