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Aledo leaders approve city flag with trademark of logo

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Aledo has a lot for which to be proud.

And now they have an official city flag to fly in honor of the accomplishments.

The Aledo City Council recently approved an official trademarked city logo and slogan for the official city flag.

The logo features the words "City of Aledo" above the phrase "Rich Heritage, Dynamic future," the latter written in cursive. The city name is in all capital letters with black silhouettes of buildings above it and an orange sun behind them with the words "City of" written in cursive across the sun.

The high school colors are black and white.

"The city has never had a flag so I am pleased that we have embraced this next step in our development," said Mayor Kit Marshall. "Using our wonderful logo makes sense. It will likely be placed with the park sign on the north side of the Aledo Trail bowl. At least that has been the discussion."

The council also approved a mission statement for Veterans Memorial, following up on their concept design approval at the October meeting. The statement reads:

"To allow residents of the greater Aledo community to honor their veterans of all branches of the United States Military both living and deceased for their service to our great Nation."

The likely site for the monument will be the Aledo Trail Park Area across from City Hall.

The concept plan shows a 35-foot circular memorial that would be filled with memorial bricks. In the center will be a pentagon-shaped stone pillar with five sides standing around 7 or 8 feet tall. On the outer perimeter will be four flags (U.S., Texas, City of Aledo, POW/MIA). There will also be places for up to four benches and two public art pieces.

No deadline has been announced for the project.

"There is currently no time frame as we work through our boards and move forward on the projects discussed," said Marshall. "We look for completion of phase 1 in 2016."