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Back to the drawing board for Weatherford

Those in Weatherford favoring Proposition 1 were met with disappointment Nov. 4 when the final election results were tallied.

The proposition was a comprehensive plan to revitalize downtown through aiding with what has become a “nightmare” of growing traffic congestion. But voters said no with 3,033 against the proposal while 2,463 voted in favor of it.

“The City of Weatherford over the last several years has taken a proactive approach to the overall transportation needs of this community,” City Manager Jerry Blaisdell said. “We have been attempting to look into the future and insure that we have the necessary plans to address those needs. Can you image not having Jack Borden Way or the recent improvements with South Main Street and the service roads or Ric Williams Memorial Highway for that matter?”

He said all of those projects have “greatly improved” the flow of traffic in Weatherford and Parker County and they all came with a cost.

“Proposition 1 on the City Ballot was another such project that is designed to improve the movement of traffic around the square as well as enhance the flow of pedestrian traffic and parking,” Blaisdell added. “Our job as city officials is to present what we believe are solutions to problems and the associated cost related to such projects.”

Blaisdell said it is not the city’s job to try and influence voters to vote one way or the other but merely present them with the opportunity to decide if and when such projects will be undertaken.

“To that end, the process worked exactly as it was intended and the voters have spoken,” he added. “The city will continue to plan for future growth as well as proven solutions to present and future problems. Many of those will require voter approval before they can be undertaken and that is as it should be. We deeply appreciate each and every person who voted in this election.”

The price tag for the improvements was $16.5 million or $8.50 per month for an average household.

It included: