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Sixth felony conviction sends grandma back to prison

A 50-year-old Parker County grandmother who had methamphetamine in the home she shared with her grandchildren was convicted of methamphetamine possession and sentenced to 18 years in prison by a Parker County jury in a trial that concluded Sept. 30.

A Crime Stoppers tip last February led the Parker County Special Crimes Unit to the home of Carol Cruz in southern Parker County. During a conversation with the officers, Cruz admitted she had meth, syringes and needles in the home and showed officers where they were hidden.

“This defendant told the officers she had been shooting meth for a long time,” said Assistant District Attorney Abigail Placke, who tried the case with Assistant District Attorney Nikki Grote Rhodes. “During the trial, we showed the jury five felony convictions over the course of about 25 years for drug offenses which indicated that she was both using and selling narcotics.”

During her testimony, Cruz, a home healthcare provider, testified she used methamphetamine before driving her car on numerous occasions. During closing arguments, Placke emphasized the number of lives put in danger every time Cruz used drugs before driving.

During her testimony, Cruz also indicated that she had been successfully rehabilitated over the years through numerous drug treatment programs both in and out of prison. On cross-examination, Placke questioned how she could claim success in light of the repeated drug arrests including the current one as well as urinalysis tests while on parole that indicated she was using methamphetamine.

“The jury’s verdict will keep Ms. Cruz from hurting herself, and also protect the community, including her own grandchildren, from the negative effects of her drug use,” Rhodes said. “If she wants to, she can seek drug rehabilitation while in prison. Hopefully, she’ll do better when she gets out next time.”

Cruz will be eligible for parole in approximately four years, Rhodes said.