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No charges pursued by grand jury in death of Coy Wayne Walker

A Parker County Grand Jury decided that no criminal charges should be pursued in the May 23, death of 41-year-old Coy Wayne Walker.

The decision came on Thursday, regarding the events in question, when Walker’s mother called 911 asking for help in dealing with their son, who was destroying things in their home, according to Parker County District Attorney Don Schnebly.

When the first deputy arrived on scene and attempted to arrest him, Walker was combative, swinging a metal stool and a curtain rod, was tazed twice, and eventually handcuffed. As the second deputy arrived, Walker continued to kick and struggle. Both deputies attempted to get Walker under control and, as he finally began to calm down, deputies realized he was in medical distress, began life saving efforts, and called for an ambulance. Walker was transported to Weatherford Regional Medical Center where he was pronounced deceased.

“One of the most significant factors in this case was that the medical examiner’s office stated that the official cause of death was ‘undetermined,’” Schnebly said. “Factors listed as potential causes were methamphetamine levels in Mr. Walker’s system multiple times beyond the lethal dosage, psychosis, neck injury, physical restraint, and cardiomegaly.”

Schnebly said statements given by the two deputies and Walker’s mother and father differed as to the precise nature of the struggle, including whether and how many times Walker kicked the deputies and how a deputy may have injured Walker’s neck.

“There was no disagreement that the officers used force to detain Walker and there was evidence to support that he was combative with the deputies both before and after he was handcuffed and before and after he was tazed,” Schnebly said. “The grand jury basically ruled that the evidence concerning the force used by the officers should not subject them to any criminal charges.”

Previously, a Parker County jury convicted Walker of assaulting a Weatherford police officer in 2005 and sentenced him to ten years in prison. After he was paroled, in 2010, he was again convicted in Parker County of robbery and a continuous violence against the family charge in which his father was the victim. He received two concurrent eight year prison sentences for those charges. Walker was on parole for those offenses at the time of his death.