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Food Preservation Workshop scheduled

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension of Parker County will host a Food Preservation Workshop on Friday, June 19. The class will be from 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. and will cost $25. The registration will include recipes, canning supplies for the workshop, and handouts. Participants should bring a sack lunch. The workshop will be held at the Couts United Methodist Church located at 802 North Elm Street in the gym kitchen.

Participants will learn how to safely preserve food using the pressure canner and the water bath canner. The workshop will be helpful for beginners and those who need a refresher course in food preservation. Participants will learn how to safely can foods. They will also have the opportunity to can vegetables.

Participants who have pressure canners or water bath canners are asked to bring their canners in case they are needed for the workshop. Canner gauge testing will be available for those who need theirs tested as well.

Participants should register by Wednesday, June 15.