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A capital display for Brock artist

Austin Pitts
Austin Pitts Photo courtesy

Austin Pitts is bringing Union to Washington D.C.

No, he’s not uniting the political parties, but his art piece entitled “The Union” will be hanging in Congresswoman Kay Granger’s office.

The Brock senior won the Congressional Art Competition. As a result, his piece will be on display for visitors to Granger’s office to see for one year. He has also been offered two scholarship opportunities to art schools, along with airline tickets to the nation’s capitol.

“My art teacher (Sue Brunner) gave the idea of many people grabbing something. We thought of a broom and a shovel and that’s when I went out to the ag barn and grabbed a dirty shovel and dirty work gloves,” Pitts said. “I then asked my art classmates to join in and orchestrate a good photograph for me to work with. It took a lot of directing and coercing.”

Union was created with Conte Crayon. It depicts five hands in work gloves grasping a dirty shovel, a representation that we should all work together. The skin tones represent different people coming together to do a common task.

“I wanted to use Conte Crayon because I wanted to use a new medium,” said Pitts, who became interested in art in the eighth grade.

“The Conte was difficult to work with at first, and then I learned to control it and add detail as I moved along in the piece. I love the depth and the contrast in the gloves.”

Pitts has no special type of media that he prefers. He likes experimenting with a variety, including paint, chalk, pencil, colored pencil, and more.

“I want to learn everything, meaning how to use all kinds of materials and techniques,” Pitts said. “There is so much to be learned first, and I feel like time is flying by. I would enjoy doing animation and visual effects, maybe. I want to create for myself also.

“Creating art takes me to a wonderful place. I also like to inspire others to do art. I love talking to and sharing with other people. I love the idea of leaving a beautiful piece of art work for others to enjoy for a lifetime.”

Pitts had won small awards in the past, but nothing of this magnitude. In fact, he didn’t believe it at first, responding immediately with “You’re kidding me, right?”

But no, they weren’t kidding. And now what started as a slight interest in junior high has become his passion, and he hopes his livelihood.

“I really took an interest in high school experimenting and taking art. Mrs. B. (Brunner) insisted that I learn the elements and principles of art design to apply to my art freshman year,” he recalled. “After that she allowed me to begin experimenting with other materials.”

The spring was a very eventful one for Pitts and his art. He participated in VASE (Visual Arts Scholastic Event). The first show was the Congressional, when he won first place with “Union.” Next was the Parker County Doss Heritage Show, where he took third place with a drawing of his dog, Duke.

The next show was during District Attorney’s Crime Victims Week, where he again won first place with a painting of a tree in greens. He also had a pair of runner-up showings in University of North Texas Health Science Center competition with a painting and a black-and-white drawing.

Austin would like to go to college at an art school and pursue an career in art.

He gets his inspiration from pretty much anywhere he looks, including the environment, friends, teachers, and more.

“He loves all of his artwork. To him each one of his pieces is an experience,” Brunner said. “When each one is completed he gains an understanding and knowledge of the media he is working with, so all of them are important to him because they remind him of what he has learned.”

Pitts said he would love to have a career in art. At the moment he is narrowing down choices for college and career, but of one thing he is certain.

“Art is my passion and I want to show the world my art,” he said.