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New rules, regulations being implemented for safety, preservation at City Greenwood Cemetery

Beginning Jan. 1, new rules and regulations will be implemented at City Greenwood Cemetery for the health and safety of visitors, volunteers, maintenance crews/contractors and historic preservation.

The decision made by the City of Weatherford comes after the Parker County Heritage Society and citizens voiced their concerns regarding the historical cemetery that serves as the resting place for many notable people.

“City Greenwood Cemetery is a historical treasure to the community of Weatherford that attracts many visitors each year,” said Mayor Craig Swancy. “The health and safety of the public is our main concern and the new rules help to address those concerns.”

Four 2x3 foot permanent signs have been posted at all entrances of City Greenwood Cemetery detailing the new rules and regulations, along with notification to both Weatherford funeral homes. Temporary signage will also be posted at the cemetery to notify visitors that the rules go into effect Jan. 1, 2017. Visitors will have until Jan. 31, 2017, to personally remove all items not permitted by the new rules and regulations. Beginning Feb. 1, 2017, staff will begin removing any items that are in violation of the new rules. However, removed items can be claimed until Feb. 28, 2017, by contacting city secretary Malinda Nowell.

“We have taken every step to ensure that the public is aware of the new rules, along with contacting both Weatherford funeral homes,” said city secretary Malinda Nowell. “I feel confident that this will be a smooth transition as we work to ensure the safety of all visitors, and for the preservation of the cemetery. The phase-in process spans 120 days since the signs were erected, before staff will begin removing any items, plus an additional 30 days for families to claim items removed by staff.”

After Feb. 1 when staff begins removing items from the cemetery, any new items found in the cemetery and not in compliance with the rules may be removed and discarded immediately. For questions or to claim items between Feb. 1 and Feb. 28 contact city secretary Malinda Nowell at 817-598-4202 or via email at


Rules & Regulations

Est. 10/01/16 – Eff. 01/01/17

The cemetery grounds are dedicated to the interment of the deceased. A strict observance of proper decorum will be required of all visitors.

The City of Weatherford reserves all rights to supervision, control, management, and maintenance of the cemetery, and reserves the right, with or without prior notice, to adopt, amend, modify, or repeal these rules, consistent with the laws of the State of Texas.


▪ To prevent health and safety dangers, and for the mutual protection of interment rights holders, employees of the City of Weatherford, visitors, and authorized workers.

▪ To maintain the uniform beauty, dignity, and serenity of the cemetery.

▪ To prevent future damage to the cemetery.


▪ The City reserves the right to remove any item that does not meet cemetery rules, interferes with or obstructs maintenance, poses a safety hazard, are in disrepair, faded, or unsightly, or disturbs overall cemetery aesthetics.

▪ Flowers are allowed but will be removed when in disrepair, faded, or unsightly.

▪ Holiday/seasonal decorations are allowed 10 days prior to and will be discarded 10 days after the holiday/season.

▪ The City shall not be held liable for any item left on or near burial plots.

▪ The City is not responsible for thefts, vandalism, or accidents involving items in the cemetery.

▪ The City is not responsible for damage to vehicles or visitors, or for lost or stolen items.

▪ Picking flowers, breaking or injuring trees, plants, shrubs, or any other property in Greenwood Cemetery is prohibited.

▪ The maximum speed limit is 10 mph.

▪ Do not drive or park vehicles on the grass.

▪ Use caution when driving and walking because some plot curbs and corners are close to the roads.


▪ Alcohol or drugs

▪ Breakable items of any kind or material

▪ Food or drink

▪ Planting of anything by anyone other than City of Weatherford employees

▪ Boxes, shells, rocks, toys, fencing, shepherd hooks, flower pots, glassware, sprinkling cans, receptacles, or any similar items

▪ Benches, statues, chairs or any similar items


▪ Firearms (military or police honor guard)

▪ Children (under supervision of a responsible adult at all times)

▪ Flags (only United States and/or Texas flags and only on the graves of veterans; and state, county, or local police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty)

▪ Funerary statues or vases (those that are an integral part of the tombstones and historical markers sanctioned by the City)