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Trinity Christian presents seminar to help parents answer challenging questions

Mary Flo Ridley
Mary Flo Ridley Photo courtesy

Trinity Christian Academy is pleased to present "Sooner Than You Think – Simple Answers to Challenging Questions" on Mon., Aug. 29, at 7 p.m. in the Barber Gymnasium. The presentation by Mary Flo Ridley is for parents of toddlers through pre-teens and includes six simple steps parents can use to develop their message for their children’s sexual education.

The program is free of charge to parents from across our area who are seeking to be better equipped to be a loving authority and resource for their children on sexual matters.

"Trinity believes children thrive in a strong partnership between home, church, and school," said Head of School Mike Skaggs. "Programs such as "Sooner Than You Think" help strengthen this partnership."

Ridley teaches parents how to talk to their children about sex starting with simple answers, addressing childish curiosity in a way that keeps their innocence intact, but builds a foundation on which to grow their understanding as they get older. She will teach parents how to talk to a toddler in a way that a toddler can understand, creating a starting point for future conversations that parents can build on as they develop their family’s message on sex education.

Skaggs believes parents need to be equipped to begin these conversations in a natural, age appropriate fashion from an early age instead of waiting for the pre-teen or teen years when their peers or the media have already informed kids’ ideas.

"It’s no secret that our culture bombards kids of all ages with messages about sexuality, and I believe most parents understand the importance of providing their kids with accurate and timely information about sex," Skaggs said. "Unfortunately, many well-meaning moms and dads get so nervous about when and how to do this well, that they either never talk with their kids about sex, or they rely on one awkward talk. We believe there is a better way for parents to teach their children God’s plan for sex."

For more than 20 years, Ridley has prepared parents to address these difficult topics through seminars, conferences, and speaking engagements. She is a graduate of Southern Methodist University and has been married to her husband, Dave, for 33 years. They reside in Dallas, have three adult children and three grandchildren.

For more information, please visit the TCA website at or call the school at 817-441-5897.