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Cooking up a cottage food business seminar and food handlers food safety class

Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service will host a Cooking Up a Cottage Food Business Class on Wed., Feb. 25. The class will begin at 2 p.m. and will be followed by an Accredited Food Handlers Food Safety Class. The class will be held at the Parker County Agricultural Service Center located at 604 North Main Street in Weatherford. The cost to attend is $20 that includes the cost for the Food Handlers Food Safety Certificate.

Recent changes to the Texas Cottage Food Law means more foods can be prepared and sold from a residential kitchen. The previous law limited the amount of food that could be sold to mainly baked goods, jams and jellies and dried herbs. Under the amended law, which took effect in 2013, the list of foods that can be sold has been expanded to include pickles, popcorn snacks, candy, unroasted nut butters and vinegars. In addition, these foods can be sold at venues outside the home including farmers markets, roadside stands and fairs.

The class will help participants understand the Texas Cottage Food Law. Identify foods that can be sold as a part of a cottage food production operation. Understand where foods can be sold under the Cottage Food Law. Recognize labeling requirements for foods sold under the cottage food operation law. Identify sources of tested recipes. Identify basic food safety practices.

Pre-registration is encouraged so that there are enough handouts. For more information and to register call 817-598-6168 or email .