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A Christmas breakfast they won’t soon forget

German pancake
German pancake Photo courtesy

We’ve have a tradition in our family, to get ready the night before, or early Christmas morning, and make a special Yuletide breakfast. My husbands favorite are the German Pancakes. Try one of these tasty suggestion, you won’t be disappointed.

German Pancakes

▪ 4 eggs

▪ 1 T. Sugar

▪ 2/3 c. milk

▪ 2/3 c. flour

▪ 2 T. soft butter

▪ 1/2 tsp. salt

1. Pre-heat oven to 400 degrees.

2. Spray Pam on two 9 inch cake pans.

3. Stir eggs until light in color in a blender. Mix in remaining ingredients.

4. Pour into pans and bake for 20 minutes, then reduce heat to 350 degrees and bake 10 more minutes.

5. They will bubble and poof up in a wave design. You can double the batch and cook 4 at a time.

6. Serve with maple syrup and butter, or they can be served with butter, powdered sugar and fresh juice of several lemons. You can all use peanut butter and syrup for a good southern taste. Serve with cold milk, orange juice, coffee or hot chocolate and a side of sausage and bacon.

The Lagaly Family

Christmas Morning Casserole

▪ 3 c. corn flakes

▪ 6-7 slices buttered bread, no crust

▪ 1/2 tsp. salt

▪ 4-5 slices, thickly sliced ham

▪ 1 tsp. dry mustard

▪ 4-5 slices Swiss cheese

▪ 5 eggs

▪ 4-5 slices Mozzarella cheese

▪ 2 1/2 c. milk

1. Mix milk, eggs, dry mustard and salt.

2. Layer in a greased casserole dish - bread, ham, cheese. Pour mixture over top.

3. Sprinkle corn flakes on top. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour.

Serve with salsa.

Mary Heartfield, Brock United Methodist Church One Hundred Years of Recipes

Cinnamon Rolls

▪ 3 loaves Bridgeford Bread

▪ 3 1/2 sticks margarine or butter

▪ 2 c. sugar

▪ 9 T. cinnamon

▪ 3 cups chopped pecans (optional)

▪ 2 T. milk

▪ 1 T. vanilla extract

▪ 3 c. powdered sugar

▪ 1 c. softened cream cheese (optional)

1. Thaw three loaves of Bridgeford Bread Dough (found in freezer section at Walmart and Albertson's) until completely defrosted. This will take several hours on the kitchen counter, or overnight in refrigerator.

2. Roll out each of the three loaves on a floured surface, one at a time, until about 8 x 12 inches.

3. After rolled out, generously brush with melted margarine or butter. Sprinkle sugar generously over the rolled out, buttered dough. On top of sugar, sprinkle cinnamon, very generously. Add chopped pecans if desired.

4. Beginning with the 12 inch side, roll each rectangle into a log. Carefully slice each log into 1 inch pieces.

5. Spray two 9 x 13 pans with non-stick coating, and place slices touching in pans.

6. Set pans of dough in warm place until slices rise to the top of the pans.

7. Bake at 375 degrees until lightly browned, about 15-20 minutes. Do not over bake; best when only slightly browned.

8. While rolls are baking, soften 1/2 stick butter or margarine in microwave. Set aside.

9. In another bowl, soften 1 stick butter or margarine in microwave. Add 2 tablespoons milk, 1 tablespoon vanilla extract and 3 cups of powdered sugar to the 1 stick softened butter and cream cheese. Mix until smooth, using a whisk. Add a little more milk as needed to make mixture thin enough to pour. If too thin, add more powdered sugar.

10. Cool baked rolls slightly. Brush with the softened 1/2 stick butter. Drizzle the powdered sugar mixture over all. Chopped pecans can be sprinkled over all.

Best served warm.

Linda Currier, 3 Chilies and a Bean