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AMS teacher’s first book reels in readers

Aledo ISD has relied on its teaching staff to wear multiple hats from time to time. Some teach more than one subject, or combine teaching with coaching, lead extracurricular activities, etc. Some even choose to be published, with articles in educational journals, professional publications and the like.

Newest to be published on the AISD roster is Aledo Middle School social studies teacher Jason Patterson. His book, Shades of Ecclesiastes, Essays from a Texas Sportsman is a compilation of essays on some of his favorite pastimes, particularly duck hunting.

Patterson is not your ordinary teacher, by any stretch. His love of history and the social impacts through time are not only evident in the classroom but in his book as well. A short read, Shades of Ecclesiastes focuses on his love of family, both present and past. That family includes a devoted grandfather who instilled love for the hunt in Patterson and his cousins as young boys. It also shows his adoration for his wife and three daughters. Close friends, especially Aggies, are treated as family as well, as Patterson spends many days throughout the year in hunting blinds and other outdoor locales with them. Perhaps most poignant in the book is Patterson’s relationship with Cyrus, a beloved hunting dog and friend. Those who have a special pet in their lives will definitely relate to this chapter. And the final telling chapter sheds light on the book’s name.

At approximately 160 pages, Shades captures heartfelt adventures, quiet moments of reflection and solitude, and witticisms that evoke smiles. Poppers, pitching and plugs are just a few of the terms non-fishing experts will learn. “If you are “angling” for a good read, this one is a pleasure!”

The book is published by Outskirts Press and sells for $13.95. It is available via There is a link that directs to an author webpage on the publisher’s site. On that site is a link to either Amazon or Barnes and Noble.