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Capernaum Village hosts ‘The Passover Experience’

Tammy Lane Productions, creators of Mission Reality and other Christian-based productions, has once again created a fresh and innovative event to be hosted at its one-of-a-kind first-century village called Capernaum, located in Weatherford.

This year’s “Passover Experience” is taking place Friday through Sunday and again April 18-19.

“Over the years, we’ve really been fortunate to grow and develop Capernaum into a really special place,” said Tammy Lane, creator of Capernaum Village. “That, combined with so many trained actors, makes for an event that’s as authentic as you’ll find anywhere.”

The Capernaum property, a creation of Lane’s who is also a director, contains both Capernaum Village and the Majestic Statue Garden. New additions have been made over the years, and to endure a larger crowd and a more complex event, the area has undergone millions of dollars worth of general construction. The village itself contains a number of single and multi-level stone structures designed and positioned much like they would have been in the first century.

As guests enter the town of Capernaum, they’ll experience an interactive walk-through that whisks them away to the era of Passover from beginning to end.

For more information on group discounts or to purchase tickets call 800-489-1950 or e-mail