Weatherford Living

Troop 76 landscapes home

On March 8, members of Troop 76 rolled up in the “Big Brown Bus” to the most recent house built by Trinity Habitat for Humanity in Weatherford.

For the last several months, Chandler Jackson with Troop 76 has been working on his Eagle Project. Last year, when he found out that Trinity Habitat for Humanity was planning a fall house, he asked permission to take on the landscaping for that house. With this, he planned how the homeowner would want the yard and flower beds laid out, what materials he would need and how much grass, mulch, shrubs and edging he would need to landscape the yard for her. He then drew out on paper - with the footage shown - every detail, plus put a plan of action down that he turned into Troop Leaders for evaluation and review. Jackson then started raising funds to pay for everything needed, sending out letters and working on weekends to be sure to have the funds. He spent several Saturdays talking to vendors and ordering his products. He had also signed up other troop members to help with the actual installment. The picture shown is the end product of an “excellent job.” Homeowner Alisha Evans was “so very appreciative and proud of Chandler and Troop 76.”