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A Knight of valor

The book, My brother Jack, tells of the Knight family’s experience on the field of battle.
The book, My brother Jack, tells of the Knight family’s experience on the field of battle. Art work courtesy

If valor could be paid in the form of sacrifice, or by the blood spilled in one’s service for their country, then the Knight family has paid in full.

Roy and Martha Knight had several brave children that answered the call of duty in defense of their nation. Their first child born in 1917, Jack, is the one most are familiar with in the area. The reason is because Jack was the recipient of the nation’s highest military honor, the Congressional Medal of Honor - for gallantry and bravery - for going above and beyond the call of duty. Jack gave his life in defense of his comrades while charging up a hill on the battlefield.

But there is more to Jack than his courage of conviction. Those interested in learning more about this extraordinary man can read about him in a tell-all book written by his brother, Dr. Bill Knight.

In his recently released book, My Brother Jack, Bill tells the story not just of his brother, but about what he calls a “family of warriors” growing up in post World War I, the Roaring 20s and the Great Depression leading up to World War II.

Bill’s story follows Jack through World War II.

“He led his brothers in spirit and his men in battle,” Bill said. “His final actions would lead to both death and glory.”

Bill also tells of of his other brother, Roy, who too lost his life on the field of battle.

Bill’s hope is that schools in Weatherford will keep copies of his book in their libraries for future generations to read; for youth to know that a hero was born and raised where they live.

Proceeds from the sale of the book will go to the Weatherford College Foundation for scholarships. Bill said scholarships will also be given to students at Mineola High School, where he was superintendent for many years, and to Millsap High School, the Knight’s hometown.

The book can be purchased at

Contributions are also welcomed by the author and Weatherford College, with the proceeds going to the “1st Lt. Jack Knight Scholarship Fund.” The goal is to provide the scholarship in perpetuity and to do that, roughly 15,000 books will need to be sold.

“This book on its face is about heroes,” Bill said. “But at its heart it is a plea for sanity in world politics. It is written for edification, enlightenment and amusement of its readers.”