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Make your yard a hummingbird haven

Hummingbird on Cigar plant.
Hummingbird on Cigar plant. Photo courtesy

Migrating hummingbirds will soon be showing up in North Texas looking for a good meal and a place to nest. Your yard can provide that habitat if you know what the little visitors are looking for. Master Gardener Cynthia White will discuss hummingbirds and the native plants that attract them at the April 13 meeting in Weatherford of the Cross Timbers Chapter of the Native Plant Society of Texas.

Hummingbirds are unique to the Western Hemisphere, with different species migrating throughout the Americas. Most of their diet is nectar, with their long thin bills adapted to feed on long thin tubular flowers, especially red ones. Besides nectar sources, they need places to perch for safety and shelter, insects to add to their diets, and nesting materials.

White has been an avid gardener for many years and a Parker County Master Gardener since 2007. Her interests include native pollinators and use of native plants in the landscape.

The Cross Timbers Chapter’s monthly business meeting will begin at 6:30 p.m. Thursday, April 13, at Cherry Park Community Center, 313 W. Davis St. in Weatherford. The program will begin at 7 p.m. with a short overview of a native "plant of the month," followed by White’s program on hummingbirds. The public is always welcome and light refreshments will be available.

The mission of the Cross Timbers Chapter is to promote the conservation, research and use of native plants and plant habitats in Texas through education, outreach and example. 

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