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Chandor Gardens Foundation hits the road with well known horticulturist

Steven Chamblee
Steven Chamblee Photo courtesy

The Chandor Gardens Foundation is pleased to present Steven Chamblee - Chandor Gardens horticulturist - at a special event on April 29, at 711 West Lee Ave. in Weatherford. The event will begin at 6 p.m. with a picnic from Shep’s Place Food Truck. Beverages will be furnished, including beer and wine. At 7 p.m., Chamblee will speak on “Peace, Love & Milagros: Life Lessons From the Road. Tickets are $35 and available through the foundation website,

Chamblee is a garden writer with a love for discovery. He says he seeks connections between hard science and matters of the heart and during his thirty-something years of road-tripping around Texas, he has collected great stories about horticultural heavens, botanical blunders and tender talks that will melt your heart.

Formerly a gardener, then grounds manager and Education Director at Fort Worth Botanic Garden, he received a fellowship in the prestigious Longwood Graduate Program and earned the Master of Science degree in public Horticulture Administration from the University of Delaware.

Chandor Society members will be introduced and will explain their role in preserving the gardens. The foundation board and society members form a working group with a high level of participation to promote, preserve and enhance the preservation of the formal home and gardens and the proper use of the 13 ½ acres of unimproved land that is adjacent to the property.

For additional information, contact Chandor Foundation Board President Elizabeth Lawrence, 817-688-9735.