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Colleyville adds two handicapped swings to parks

Children with disabilities that prevent them from enjoying a swing now have more options to soar.

The City installed two handicapped swings to its parks this week that were donated by the Colleyville Heritage Lions Club.

A swing was added to both City Park and McPherson Park joining one at Sparger Park, which was installed this summer. The swings are designed to hold riders securely. The city installed the first swing at the request of 10-year-old Alexandria Willard who wanted her friend Bailey Hamrick to play just like the other children. Hamrick has epilepsy and cerebral palsy and needs a wheelchair to get around.

De Nail, Colleyville Heritage Lions Club president, said the group heard the story and wanted to do more.

“One swing is not enough,” she said. “There's more than one kiddo out there that needs a little help.”

The club, which hosts the annual Rabbit Hunt at Delaney Vineyards, donated two swings that costs $730 each.

“When we hear these stories, and when people pass them on to us, we want to be involved so we can make sure that money goes back to where it can be beneficial to the Colleyville area,” she said.

Colleyville Parks Manager James Hubbard said these two parks were selected so there is handicapped swing in the city’s north, south and central regions. Hubbard said while the installation of these swings required the removal of another swing, anyone can use the handicapped swings.

He said while the city does not have any concrete plans for more handicapped-friendly equipment, it is a consideration for the future.

“As we look at replacing playgrounds around the city, we'll look for play equipment for people confined or restricted to play,” he said.

Hubbard said it’s great when local organizations can help better the city.

“We try to serve our citizens every day but it’s nice when our citizens in turn are able to bless us with their contributions and are able to expedite things once and awhile,” he said.