Northeast Tarrant

GCISD teams dominate district tournament

The Colleyville Heritage and Grapevine golf programs had an excellent showing at their district tournament, as both the boys and girls teams from both schools qualified for region.

Panthers coach Terie Campbell said that she was pleased with her teams’ efforts at district, but added that there is still room for improvement.

“The guys didn't perform as well as we could have,” Campbell said. “We did what we needed to do to get out, but I had too many players that did not step up. We let the elements get to us a little bit, but we've been working the past week and a half, and we should be OK.

“On the girls side, we didn't play very well, and we were four strokes behind going into the second day. On the first nine, we gained six strokes, and we were tied. We ended up winning by one. We still have a lot of room for improvement. We still have a couple of players that did not shoot anywhere close to what they have been shooting.”

Campbell said that she has worked with her golfers on their short game, and said that the expectations for region for the teams are pretty straightforward.

“For the boys, we just need to show up,” Campbell said. “We need to play a great round. I have three kids that are coming back, and two that are graduating, so I would like for them to end on a good note. We are going to have to shoot very, very well with all the competition we have, but we want to be respectable when we leave, and we want people to know who we are.

“On the girls side, we have one goal, and that's to get out. We can do it. We have been so close the last two years, with one shot from going to state last year and three shots the year before. So, this is the time, and that is all we've been focusing on.”

Over at Grapevine, the Mustangs had the opposite of Colleyville Heritage, with the boys winning district and the girls finishing second overall.

Coach Bryan Humphreys said he was pleased with the overall effort at district.

“The boys team did a great job,” Humphreys said. “The guys came up with a game plan and stuck with it and built up a 38-shot lead after the first round. After that, we knew we could kind of take it easy on day two.

“As for the girls, as we expected, because all season we have been in a dog fight with Colleyville Heritage, going back and forth, and for the second year and a row, they beat us by one shot.”

Humphreys said that his athletes have also been shoring up some issued with their short games, and said the objectives for region are enjoy themselves and play to the best of their abilities.

“The expectations are first and foremost to go out there and have fun,” Humphreys said. “They've earned this. They've put a lot of time and effort into it. We want them to have fun, and at the same time be competitive. We want them to go out and do what they do, and if they do that, they should finish in the top five. If they finish in the top three, that will make it eve more exciting.”