Northeast Tarrant

Letters to the editor


Keep Stan Hall

The City of Colleyville needs to keep Stan Hall on it's City Council. He is a fine individual who has certainly given back to his community. In just Colleyville alone, he has served on at least ten different committees or organizations, many of which I was privileged to work with him on. His service on the Economic Development Council was instrumental in attracting the Whole Foods Market to Colleyville.

I am also proud to say that Stan served his country for 25 years as an officer and fellow member of the US Army.

He has been married to his wife, Gail for 44 years and had 2 children graduate from Colleyville/Grapevine ISD. His heart and life are in the Colleyville community.

Stan Hall is a proven leader and a valued member of the current Colleyville City Council and needs to remain there to continue the work he has begun and will continue to do for the citizens of Colleyville and the City as a whole.

Gary Terry, Hurst

Endorsement for Chris Putnam

I wholeheartedly endorse Chris Putnam for city council. Chris has already done wonderful things for Colleyville residents and has demonstrated that he is a strong leader and an advocate for the people of Colleyville. I am concerned that our ordinance stopping the train station in Colleyville will expire in August ( We need someone on the side of residents when The T once again tries to convince our city that we need to pay more than $1 million per year for a station that their studies show few of us will use and will bring increased crime and traffic congestion. They also wanted us to purchase and run buses to bring in residents from other cities to boost ridership. Additionally, there were plans for high rise apartments at the proposed train station.

Chris's opponent on council, Stan Hall, supported the station years ago and is part of the reason citizens had to have a petition drive to stop the station. Stan Hall also voted to supported the Local Option Tax which could have increased gas taxes by 10 cents per gallon to fund rail expansion. A vote for Chris Putnam is a vote to protect our city from traffic congestion, high density development and higher taxes. Please help protect our property values and our city by supporting Chris Putnam for City Council.


Natalie Genco, Colleyville


Supporting Duff O’Dell

We are writing to express our support for Duff O’Dell who is running for Grapevine City Council, Place 6. We have known Duff and Patrick for several years. Duff is an experienced, now retired, business executive and an active leader, volunteer and board member of many city and civic organizations. A former Corporate Director for Delta Airlines, Duff has broad knowledge of finance, business development, strategic planning, project management, communication skills and marketing. Experience does matter in this election and Duff’s experience, combined with her energy and enthusiasm for all things Grapevine, identifies her as the most qualified candidate worthy of your vote.

Duff’s past accolades, including (among many others) her recognition as Grapevine’s "Citizen of the Year", "Woman of the Year", "Rotarian of the Year" and "Ambassador of the Year", evidence the fact that Duff is a genuinely good, caring person who will take her commitment to and interest in the families and business owners (large and small) of Grapevine seriously when deliberating and deciding issues that will affect our city.

We are excited to endorse Duff’s candidacy and are convinced that she will be an informed, intelligent and independent voice on the City Council.

Warren and Becky Hummer, Grapevine


Suppport for Virginia Muzyka

I urge your vote in support of Virginia Muzyka for Southlake City Council Place 6. Virginia has previously served the residents of our wonderful city as a City Council member, and participates actively with numerous other philanthropical organizations. She is a true servant, taking her responsibility seriously, and casting her vote after thorough due diligence. She asks each time, is this what is best for our City?

Virginia was serving as City Council member back in 2007, when a small subdivision of 42 homes on approximately 6 acres was proposed by a local builder. A number of residents appeared at the City Council meeting to protest the introduction of high density housing into Southlake. Virginia carefully listened to the residents and voted to deny this high density and further voted yes to implement an ordinance that prohibited the introduction of high density on any T2 zoned area of our city. She has a proven track record of being honest, voting always to improve and protect the wonderful planning of our city, and working well with both our residents, CISD, and our business community.

Please join me in electing Virginia Muzyka to Place 6. Our city needs her vision, her history, her business acumen, and her honesty.

Suzanne Maisto

Citizens of Southlake

There is such a stark difference between Southlake City Council candidates Martin Schelling and Shahid Shafi. Shafi did not even complete one year of his 2 year commitment to taxpayers on our Planning and Zoning Commission before resigning. Schelling served for 12 years as Southlake Crime Control & Prevention District President, 8 years on SPIN Standing Committee, Southlake 2025 & 2030 Land Use Steering Committees, Southlake Chamber of Commerce Board Member and so much more including currently serving us on city council. Martin Schelling selflessly helped build Southlake. I choose someone with a proven track record of service toSouthlake and a true servant’s heart. I have served our city on SPDC and Parks Board President for 8 years and know the unselfish time it takes to dedicate to make our city the showplace it is today. I have lived here since 1992 and worked with Martin on many projects. He gives to this great city every year. I endorse Martin Schelling for Southlake City Council

Bobby Rawls, Southlake


Re-elect a proven leader

As a recent two-term Carroll ISD School Board Trustee, I enjoyed working with Martin for the betterment of our schools and our community. Martin was instrumental in improving security at all of our campuses through his efforts to expand the Student Resource Officer program. Martin found common ground between CISD and the City of Southlake and used those common threads to build a stronger relationship between the two organizations. He lives, works and volunteers in Southlake and has a vested interest in our city’s future. Martin is a man of his word and has a deep well of integrity. Martin has earned my trust and my vote. I encourage you to vote for Martin and a brighter Southlake future.

John Thane