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Colleyville goes ‘No Knock’ on solicitors

Colleyville residents wasted no time signing up for a new list designed to keep solicitors away from their homes.

The No Knock List was introduced in late January, and 500 households had signed up by Feb. 18, when the City Council approved implementation.

“I have never seen anything take off this fast in this community,” city spokeswoman Mona Gandy said.

Residents register online to be placed on the list. Businesses that engage in door-to-door solicitation must review the list and avoid houses that are on it. Violating the policy is a misdemeanor and the penalty includes a fine of up to $500, according to the city ordinance.

Colleyville has toughened its door-to-door security for the past few years as a result of citizen demand.

In a 2010 citizen survey, residents cited door-to-door solicitors as a major neighborhood safety concern. An ordinance approved in 2011 requires solicitation permit applicants to agree to criminal background checks.

Gandy said city staff researched other cities with similar policies including Nashville, TN.

Police Chief Mike Holder said the department has received calls of aggressive salesmen who, if they hear someone in a back yard, will try to peek over fences.

Homeowners who have a visible no-solicitation sign do not have to sign up for the list.

The list does not prohibit political, charitable and religious door front solicitors.

The city also has a Solicitors Welcome listing, but as of Feb. 19 no residents had signed up.