Northeast Tarrant

Letters to the editor

Editor’s Note: This is in response to a Jan. 22 Letter to the Editor regarding a roundabout at the Dove and Kimball intersection.

Preserving an intersection

Grapevine is a community that embraces and takes great pride in it's historical buildings.

I realize that Yates Grocery has only been at this intersection for almost four decades, but it would not be the same to approach that intersection and not see the quaint and charming wooden frame 'Mayberry- looking' building, showcasing the American flag from it's roof top.

In our accelerated world today, there are very few life experiences that outweigh convenience, speed, and accommodating our hurried lives; but Yates Corner is one of our sweet and simple entities of life that needs to be preserved and endorsed.

—Georjean Sherriff, Grapevine