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A birthday they won’t forget

GRAPEVINE Baby Maddox Emerson Elise McLeod won’t have a hard time remembering her birthday — ever.

And neither will her mom and dad, Regan and Kevin.

Maddox was born on 11-12-13, a sequential date that mom says makes it special and will be a fun one to write throughout her child’s lifetime.

“I’m so spacey that I have to have a reminder in my phone of my wedding anniversary,” said Regan, 25. “So this is perfect because I know how to count.”

Maddox was one of 12 babies born at Baylor Regional Medical Center at Grapevine on Nov. 12. The hospital records about 3,000 births annually.

The couple were at their doctor’s office the day before for a checkup and, at 41 weeks, he decided it was time to deliver the next day. Neither he or the McLeod’s thought about the unusual date.

When they learned through the hospital, Kevin, 29, an accountant who used to play for the then-Fort Worth Brahmas, said, “That’s neat.”

The couple’s first child weighed 7 pounds, 13 ounces.

“She’s a big girl,” said Regan, an account manager for a marketing and advertising firm.

They were trying to decide from several names. But when she was born, they decided to use all of them.

“She’s absolutely precious,” Regan said. “She’s everything two parents could hope for.”

It doesn’t matter to them that numerologists may not find the calendar coincidence as exciting.

Christine DeLorey, a numerologist in West Palm Beach, Fla., said to her, in the cosmic scheme of things, the date “is nothing.”

“There’s no substance from my point of view,” said DeLorey, 62, who studies the symbolism of numbers. “Having dealt with numbers most of my life, it’s pretty patent. It’s not relevant to the child’s future.”

Still, she is on board with the babies’ moms who are feeling elated over the unusual combo.

“If they’re excited, let them be,” she said of the mathematical oddity, adding that even if it isn’t lucky or symbolic, it will be easy to remember down the road.

At Texas Health Harris Methodist Hospital Alliance, which celebrated its first year in September, the first babies born there were treated to a cake smash at the hospital’s one year birthday celebration on Sept. 19.

Since opening day, more than 700 babies have been delivered, said Melissa Smart, a hospital spokeswoman. On 11-12-13, four newborns entered the world there.

Among the new parents were Brandi and Walter Lindsey of Haslet.

Peyton Lee Lindsey was born at 6:25 a.m. on 11-12-13, weighing 6 pounds, 9 ounces.

Brandi had noticed the chance for an unusual birthday early on.

“I had always thought it would be cool to have 11-12-13,” said Brandi, 27, a quality engineer for a manufacturing company. She said her husband, a retail store manager, agreed.

But that hope was dashed when the doctors gave her a due date of Nov. 17.

But Peyton had a different plan. Brandi went into labor on Nov. 11 and delivered 17 hours later on the hoped for day.

“He was determined I was going to remember his birthday,” said Brandi, adding that he joins his 7-year-old brother, Drake.

But no matter what day he was born on, Peyton was going to be memorable, his mother said.

“He smiles a lot,” she said. “You can’t believe how alert he is. He’s a special baby.”