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Southlake Clandestine Cake Club swaps books for baked goods

Once a month, somewhere in Southlake there’s a table that’s covered in cakes.

It’s the monthly meeting of the Clandestine Cake Club’s Southlake chapter. Members come together for company and to cut cake.

Southlake resident Elisha Rurka brought the UK-based Clandestine Cake Club across the pond this April.

She loved baking, but grew tired of just sending off her works with her husband to his job.

“This is nice because it gives me an opportunity to try out new things and bake with a purpose,” she said.

Now these women get together at a different location each month.

“It is kind of like a book club,” Rurka said. “But instead of reading books we bake cakes.”

The club’s name comes from how each meeting location is kept secret until a location is booked.

All skill levels are welcome to join the club, some members bake professionally, but most like Rurka just do it for fun.

“There's other people who are completely inexperienced,” she said. “I always reassure people it's just for fun. You don't have to bake the most fabulous cake.”

Southlake resident Vicky Rosa, just dabbles in her home kitchen, but after Rurka told her about the club she couldn’t pass it up.

“I have a crazy sweet tooth,” she said. “A club where we go and eat cakes sounded amazing.”

Each month has a different theme that the members keep to when deciding what cakes to make.

October had a tricks and treats motif, while November had a heritage and harvest theme.

Rosa made a ricotta cheesecake recipe that’s been in her family.

Rurka brought a chocolate pecan pie cake. — a pecan pie baked inside a chocolate cake.

Southlake resident Cara O’Leary challenges herself to make a new recipe every month and brought a pecan pie cake with rum frosting.

O’Leary, a home cook, said she enjoys baking cookies and brownies but wanted to push herself to become more familiar with cake.

“I really enjoyed getting out of my comfort zone,” she said.

O’Leary uses the opportunity to try new recipes and her latest creation was such a winner that it’s found a spot on the Thanksgiving menu this year.

Keller resident Tracy Agren is taking a break from her baking business, Southern Baking Co., to raise her children. She said the club allows her to get out and do new things with a hobby she loves.

“I definitely kind of experiment more and try something things I wouldn't normally make for customers,” she said.

This month she brought a chocolate chip bourbon cake.