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This Southlake rookie cop made a major drug bust her first day on the job

Southlake Department of Public Safety rookie officer Nikki Lockwood arrested a suspected drug dealer on her first day out of training.
Southlake Department of Public Safety rookie officer Nikki Lockwood arrested a suspected drug dealer on her first day out of training. Southlake DPS

Southlake Department of Public Safety officer Nikki Lockwood's made the most of her first day out of training.

Working the graveyard shift early Friday, Lockwood and another officer spotted two males in the 400 block of Wellington Court at about 3:30 a.m., according to a post made to the Southlake DPS Facebook page.

Thinking the pair might be burglarizing cars, the officers stopped and questioned them, and after finding one had a warrant, Lockwood arrested and searched him.

The suspect, Ariel Vargas, 17, had 17 "bars" of Xanax, scales, plastic baggies, a backpack and $360 in cash, the DPS said.

The Xanax, scales, cash and baggies led police to suspect Vargas of dealing drugs, DPS spokesman Brad Uptmore said.

"Going into my first shift on my own, I was definitely a little nervous. But getting an arrest my first night solo was exciting, and I was really proud" of herself and her fellow officer, Lockwood said Friday.

"The subject was being completely uncooperative and verbally combative from the moment we made contact with him, which made him very suspicious. Throughout our investigation, the subject was lying to us and we knew there had to be a reason. Based on his demeanor, (we) knew there was most likely something in his backpack," she said.

Xanax is a prescription tranquilizer that is one of the more commonly abused addictive drugs, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Bars are pills containing the highest dose of the drug, which can be broken into four smaller sections.

Vargas was arrested and faces charges of possession of a controlled substance, Uptmore said. He also faces a marijuana possession charge from his prior warrant, according to a DPS record.

"All that stuff is unfortunately so easy to get," Uptmore said of prescription drugs sold illegally.

"WE HAVE A NEW HERO ON THE STREET," the DPS said on Facebook. "With that type of self-initiated activity and her training, Southlake has become safer overnight! Welcome to the force and our family!"

Lockwood, whose Facebook page says she graduated from Texas Wesleyan University last year, was hired to the DPS in August 2017, Uptmore said.

She was in police academy for five months and in field training, during which she was always accompanied by a senior officer, from Jan. 22 until Wednesday, Uptmore said.

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